PRO·S Integrated Stainless Knife

PRO·S Integrated Stainless Knife
This is mainly for professionals. Designed along Ergonomics so you won’t feel tired if you use it for hours, and its rounded form gives you soft impression. It’s finished integrated with the elegant line from the blaze to the handle. The Japanese-katana-like slit on the handle prevents your hand slipping.

<Sharpness: Clam-edged blade of Japanese katana
We finishes knife to clam-edged like Japanese katana. This ensures its sharpness and substantivity. And also makes easy to resharpen it.

Heat treatment: Sub-zero process
Sub-zero process is the special treatment to make knife so hard and tough enough to be unbending and sharp by cooling it to less than minus seventy degrees.

Safety : Tough
We used a couple of different metal to integrate the blade and the handle by special welding. So its joint point won’t get shocked or break easily.

Cleanliness: Integrated kitchen knife with the rim
Integrating the rim with the blade, no crack exists between the handle and the blade, which means that water etc. never soak into. While existing knives use metal parts inside the handle and it’s likely to rust soon, stainless on PRO·S won’t go bad so fast.

Handle materials: Grippy functional stainless
All-around stainless gives you some cool image. It’s so grippy and it fits your hand like Japanese katana because of asperity put on the center of the handle. Since stainless is rust proof, you can sterilize it by boiling or wash it by the dishwasher.

PRO·S Integrated Stainless Knife Line up

Blade Molybdenum stainless steel
Handle 18-8 Stainless

Utility knife 130mm[ 5001 ]

Utility knife 150mm [ 5002 ]

Santoku knife 170mm [ 5003 ]

Chef’s knife 180mm [ 5004 ]

Chef’s knife 210mm[ 5005 ]

Chef’s knife 240mm [ 5006 ]

Chef’s knife 270mm [ 5007 ]

Boning knife 145mm[ 5008 ]

Slicing knife 240mm [ 5009 ]

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