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Seki Kanetsugu Knife Co. is the knife maker which Matsujiro Kawamura, who is the descendant from “Kanetsugu” the swordsmith, first founded in 1918. Through his long history, Kanetsugu kept making Japanese katana from nanboku-cho, Muromachi, Sengoku to Edo era since he had started making swords in Mino around Jowa Years (1345-1349). Seki Kanetsugu, the blacksmith brings clam-edge blade of Japanese katana into knife blending high-tech skills with craftsman’s work, so we could make its sharpness real. We’ll keep developing useful, sharp, long-life knife which fits in any lifestyle.

Nanboku-cho era (1336-1392) Kanetsugu the founder (told as child or disciple of Saburo Shizu “Kane-uji”).
Kane-Uji was born in Yamato. He learned from Masamune Goro Sosyu and
became one of his ten disciples. Then he moved to Shizu-mura, Tagi-gun, Mino
and he started to be called Sabro Shizu Kane-uji, the swordsmith.)
Muromachi – Sengoku era (1393-1590) Kanetsugu the second
Seki-ju Kanetsugu
Edo era (1603-1868) Made by No-shu Seki-ju Kanetsugu
No-shu Seki Kanetsugu
Yoshisada Fujiwara Kanetsugu
No-shu Seki Yoshisada Fujiwara Kanetsugu
Matsujiro Kawamura (started knife manufacturing),(Kawamura Matsujiro &ampCo. founded)
(Chubu Token GMK founded)
(Seki Kanetsugu Cutlery Co. founded),Matsujiro Kawamura (became the first president)
1972 Mitsuyasu Kawamura (became the third-generation president)
Mitsuyasu Kawamura (became the third-generation president)
(The factory expanded)
(The new office built)
(The factory expanded)

Nihon-To (Japanese katana)

No-shu seki-ju Kanetsugu short sword Kiku-mon

No-shu Seki Kanetsugu 1849

Zenjou Fujiwara Kanetsugu 1864

No-shu Seki Zenjou Fujiwara Kanetsugu 1866

Company Name Seki Kanetsugu Cutlery Co.
President and Representative Director Mitsuyasu Kawamura
Head Office 7 Nishi-Monzen-Cho, Seki City, Gifu Prefecture 501-3837
Business Office , Factory 345-13 Hidase, Seki City, Gifu Prefecture 501-3911
Phone: (0575) 22-1731 Fax: (0575) 24-1590
Date Founded 1918
Capital 10 million yen
Number of Employees 22
Main Products Kitchen knife, petty knife, bread knife, steak knife
Bank Juroku Bank Seki Branch, Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Seki Branch
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